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ught about chris brown situation and he had some extremely intelligent and good advice. advice, don't punch people? > she's are youing in her knee high boots >> she runs like a phup it >> stop pun fping people in the face chris brown starring mike tyson? you got to get it together trouble ow you're in when mike tyson thinks you're in trouble. >> he was on the radio this new york and he had some extremely intelligent and chris brown. r but admire this little guy what he needses to understand eventually if you keep doing that stuff, man, people will you. on >> he said, he's selling out stadiums now just like i used to arenas, but eventually people didn't want to associate with me. >> they didn't want that stigma. have a mike tyson fight and people might get kill. translation, clean up your act, chris tpwroupb because mike about you orried >> if you get in these violent for this arrested violent, it's going to put him n the situation where he assaults people >> and in prison he won't have behind. guards to hide >> i need a big guy. come here. turn around. me chris brown. no!no, no, no,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1